Mammography Review & Prep-Saturday's

Course Details:

Classes meet once a week on Saturday mornings at 9:00AM(EST).

How it Works:

Our online courses are structured to follow the same course content as our campus programs. Each LIVE online Mammography course will be offered one day a week, 3 hours per class, for a duration of 10 weeks with the opportunity to watch the lecture at a later time if you were unable to attend the "LIVE" lecture. All course content will be provided online for students to download and review before and after class.


Course Materials:

A pre-loaded android tablet containing all the course material will be mailed to each student at no additional cost. The tablet is yours to keep at the end of the program.


Clinical Rotations:

Clinical rotations are offered separately on a first come, first serve basis at any of our locations. Upon receipt of your full payment, you will be given the opportunity to schedule your clinical rotation location, date and time. Mammography students are eligible for 20 clinical rotations, which should be scheduled 2 days per week for 10 weeks.