Hot Topics in Mammography

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Lecture Topic

Hot Topics in Mammography

CE Distribution

2.0 CE Credits


Merryl Fulmer, B.S. R.T. (R)(M)(MR)(QM)(CT)


Over the past few years, many changes have occurred as we transitioned from the practice of screen/film mammography to the digital mammography environment. Mammography is an imaging modality whose success is totally dependent upon the expertise of the technologist performing the examination. In addition to correct breast positioning during mammography, it is imperative that an ongoing review of current topics by all mammography technologists is necessary for maintaining the continuing performance of high quality mammograms. Many external agencies influence & pressure women regarding their mammography “options” and impacts what we need to know in order to be knowledgeable for our patients. The FDA approval of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) in 2011 is changing the way mammography is being performed and interpreted. Women with dense breasts need to be informed and need to know what rights and options they have in order to have the earliest and best diagnostic and treatment options available. Mammography technologists need to be up to date on current topics, new equipment & technologies, and legislative actions that will have impact on the practice. This program will highlight what the Mammo technologist practicing today needs to know.


  • State what percentage of women have dense breasts and understand the implications of such
  • Discuss the controversies that surround the topic of dense breasts & women being informed
  • Explore ways to inform & educate other technologists, patients and others on this topic
  • Describe Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and discuss the impact that it is having on the practice of Mammography
  • Compare the current rivalry regarding recommendations for women and the onset of their mammography examinations
  • Review the current ARRT requirements for examination – both didactically & clinically
  • List the recent MQSA achievements & announcements
  • Review ACR updates for the Mammographer
  • Overview other Mammography resources that may assist the Mammographer in order to be the best that they can be


Dense Breasts

  • What is Breast Density
  • How does a women know
  • Breast Density in the US
  • Why is it important
  • Options for women with dense breasts

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

  • What is digital breast Tomosynthesis
  • DBT Tackles Mammos Flaws
  • Future

ACS vs. USPTF Recommendations

  • American Cancer Society
  • United States Preventative Task Force
  • Why the controversy


  • Current ARRT didactic requirements
  • Current ARRT clinical requirements


  • What’s new with MQSA
  • Current Mammo Statistics
  • Current FDA approved equipment vendors


  • Status of the ACR QC manual
  • Practice Guidelines

Other news, books, seminars, equipment, resources,

  • Does Mammography Increase Radiation Risks?
  • Bigger Roles for Breast Cancer Drugs
  • CAD
  • BSGI
  • Whole breast US
  • Quantitative Breast Analysis