CT Dose Optimization

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Lecture Topic

75 Million & Counting

CE Distribution

1.5 CE Credits


It is estimated that in the United States we are doing 75 million Computed Tomography scans per year. Over the past several years, the U.S. market for CT imaging devices was valued at $820 million. Should we be afraid of the radiation dose, how is it calculated, and what are we doing to reduce patient dose? This lecture will review the following:

  • Incidents of over exposure
  • Radiation Damage
  • Confusing Radiation Units
  • How dose is calculated
  • Who is looking out for the public
  • Current and Future innovation to reduce dose


  • Participants will learn about the news events that made CT radiation dose and safety an ongoing issue.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the types of damage possible from CT radiation and their onset
  • Participants will review common dose related radiation units
  • A review of the governmental agencies, laws, and campaigns for dose awareness will be discuss
  • Insight into new technologies being incorporated right now can improve dose reduction will be gained by the participant