MR Safety

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Lecture Topic

MR Safety

CE Distribution

2.0 CE Credits

Topics to be discussed:

  • The Magnetic Field
  • Various types of magnets
  • Projectiles
  • Safety categories and labels
  • Screening
  • Emergencies
  • Infection control
  • Joint commission requirements


Upon completion of the lecture, attendees will have:

  • An understating of Magnetism, Magnetic fringe field and Gauss line
  • An understanding of the various types of magnets which include permanent, resistive and superconductive
  • An differential understanding of transitional and rotational force
  • An understanding of MR terminology
  • Knowledge of the various safety categories, including implantable devices and signage
  • An understanding of safety zones 1-4
  • An understanding of the necessary screening process and procedures to follow prior to entering the MR suite
  • Knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency in the MR suite.
  • An understanding of how to prevent the spreads of infection in the MR suite
  • An understanding of what is and is not allowed entering to environmentally clean to space.
  • An understanding of the joint commission requirements and what to anticipate during an inspection.