Tackling Covid

Join Cheryl Turner, Mary Cowan, Dusty York, and Jordan Johnson to discuss the impact of Coronavirus on imaging centers and how we as a community can adjust and address the challenges.


1.What has your institution shared regarding coronavirus?

  • Where to look for reliable information?
  • Overview of CDC
  • What supplemental resources have been shared

2.Is your institution “Business as usual”?

3.Supervision rules

4.Are outpatients being limited or still being seen?

  • If not, what does this look like and how have you as a leader transitioned roles or responsibilities?

5.What precautions has your facility taken to safeguard individuals?

  1. Do you feel safe?
  2. How are you ensuring the safety of staff or responding to their concerns or fear?
  3. What would make you feel safe?
  4. People who don’t normally need leadership are needing leadership
  5. Asking and Accountability
  6. Policies and Procedures and flexibility and how are those transitioning?

6.Do you currently have coronavirus patients at your facility?

7.Are the protocols for engaging with patients working? Are they enough?