BXMO-Limited Scope Radiographer

The Basic X-Ray Machine Operator / Limited Scope Radiographer program prepares students to become multi-skilled professionals who assist physicians in a healthcare setting performing limited radiographic procedures. This course provides a complete delivery of content and resources for individuals preparing to pass a state certifying examination. The course is also geared to help those who already have a certification as Medical Assistant and are looking to expand their skills or those looking to begin a new career in a healthcare setting providing basic x-ray service.

The curriculum prepares students to perform limited numbers and types of X-ray procedures that are typically performed in a doctor's office or walk-in medical clinic along with basic medical assisting skills. The X-ray training in inclusive of the four major components of the examination, which include but not limited to patient care, safety, image production and radiographic procedures.

A qualified basic X-Ray Machine Operator / Limited Scope Radiographer may perform limited general diagnostic radiographic procedures. A BXMO / Limited Scope Radiographer is an important member of the healthcare team and works under the direct supervision and control of a licensed practitioner to provide patient care.

The following states recognize this course as meeting their structured education requirement to be eligible to sit for the examination. Clinical requirement may vary by state. Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming

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