Student Mentor


Student Mentor

Benefits of an AIR Student Mentor

An Advanced Imaging Review student mentor will help you go far while you’re in school or help best assist in planning your future in the field of Medical Imaging. Student mentors can provide academic, personal and professional assistance and can be a source of support when you need it most. Student mentees gain valuable skills from their mentorships including networking, clinical and employment opportunities, and special insight from someone with more experience or knowledge in your field.



What is an AIR Student Mentor?

An Advanced Imaging Review student mentor is someone who likely has more work or life experience than you do, regardless of age. Someone that you look up to and that has achieved some things in their lives that you also hope to achieve. Someone that you can see similarities between who they are or what they have done and what you aspire to do or be as a person. A mentor can have varying responsibilities, formality of relationship, and time commitments. Every mentoring relationship is different.


An Advanced Imaging Review student mentor differs in that this mentorship relationship is specifically tailored to help students succeed in planning their future career paths in Medical Imaging. Student mentors may meet weekly with students to encourage, listen and make suggestions on their current activities. An AIR student mentor may also allow a student to get involved in the mentor’s place of employment to learn about the field and make connections.


Characteristics of our Mentors

  • Great listening skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Wide network
  • Past experience with mentorships
  • Specialized advice and enthusiasm in your field
  • Give constructive feedback

Our Professional Network of Mentors Include

  • Directors of Radiology 
  • Chairmen of Radiology
  • College Professors
  • Radiologists
  • Veteran Imaging Technologists

Why You May Need A Mentor

  • Receive academic help
  • Learn study skills
  • Improve social skills
  • Have the attention of a well-established professional
  • Discover new options and opportunities
  • Set goals for the future


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